The Maison de la Famille Avignon provides services and activities for the families of children aged 0–8 years in our Pointe-à-la-Croix and Carleton-sur-Mer locations. Our services are open to all families living between L’Ascension-de-Patapédia and Gesgapegiag.

Our activities calendar is a mix of leisure and sporting activities for children and their families, information sessions about various topics, and occasional childcare sessions in a playgroup format, giving children a chance to socialize and parents a chance to take a break. We also provide a help at home service for new parents, a second-hand clothing store and a lending library, because we believe it’s important to help families save money and live greener.

Board of Directors

Élisabeth Varennes


Mom of two, marine biologist and entrepreneur, Élisabeth has been a member of the Maison de la Famille Board of Directors since 2017. The other board members describe her as a quiet force of nature, someone who is very rational, tactful and diplomatic. Élisabeth is low-key, efficient and very responsible.

“I like being able to put my skills to the test in an area I’m less used to, getting out of my comfort zone and seeing myself grow as a result.”

“I was drawn to the organization’s mission. I used the Maison de la Famille’s services regularly when I first moved to Carleton and had my little girls. I want others to be able to take advantage of them, too.”

“And I love the dynamic of the board, talking with the other members and the coordinator, helping the organization to continue its mission through everyone’s contributions. And it’s just really fun!” — Élisabeth

Bruce Wafer


Having joined the Maison de la famille Board of Directors in the past year, Bruce has many years of experience on various boards and task forces. His varied skills (governance, politics, community needs, etc.) enrich the Board’s reflections: he regularly brings content to meetings and steers them towards various solutions as needed. His presence is greatly appreciated in the governance of the organization.


Julie Soucy


Julie sits on the Board because she believes in the importance of the services the Maison de la Famille provides. Her experience as a teacher and mom have shown her the positive impact the organization has on families in the MRC Avignon. With family values at her core and a great understanding of the sector, Julie’s fellow board members describe her as very practical and analytical.

“I still have a lot to learn about the role I can play as a director.” — Julie

Émilie Robinson


Émilie, who joined the company during the past year, stands out among her fellow directors for her down-to-earth, practical approach. She knows how to think carefully, and never hesitates to seek out the information and complementary skills she needs to fulfill her role. Her reliability and availability are greatly appreciated!

Josiane Thibodeau


Energetic and passionate about humankind and issues, Josiane is a great listener who always take the time to understand the issue at hand in order to come up with the best possible solution. She is a very caring person and ready to take action when needed, she invests a great deal of time and effort into finding solutions. Her professional experience in supportive roles is helpful when discussing certain issues at board meetings.

“I joined the board to get involved in my community and because I was looking for a new challenge. I was very touched by the Maison de la Famille’s mission. I’m a team player who thrives on building relationships. Being on the board has been nothing but positive: I’ve met new people, learned new things, and developed a greater understanding of the organizations that can help families in our area. I can also see ways to collaborate and link the Maison de la Famille’s work to schools.” — Josiane

Monica St-Clair

Although she’s the most recent arrival, Monica has already jumped in with both feet on the Maison de la famille Board of Directors. She demonstrates discernment, rigor and sound judgment. She listens and observes as needed, and asks fair, pertinent questions when necessary. Welcome to the team!

“Being on the Maison de la famille Board of Directors gives me the opportunity to take on new challenges, while getting involved in my community. I do my utmost to meet the needs of the organization, while being open to the learning I have to do in my role as administrator. As a user of the organization myself, I take its mission, well-being and sustainability to heart.”



Sabrina Paquet

Facilitator of group activities

Sabrina has recently joined our team as a respite care animator. Her dynamism, creativity, ability to find solutions and love of children will ensure that your little ones enjoy working with her in our Pointe-à-la-Croix and Carleton-sur-Mer facilities. Open to new ideas and ways of doing things, don’t hesitate to discuss them with her. The seed sown could go a long way!

Mélanie Guèvremont

Assistant Coordinator

Our very own globe trotter Mélanie left the Maison de la Famille a few years ago to explore the world… Only to come back, much to our delight! She has extensive experience working as a coordinator for the Maison de la Famille, as well as in business management and as a coordinator for a local community garden project. Put simply, Mélanie is the ideal person to provide ongoing support and coordinate our team.

Mélanie is generous and hardworking, so a community organization working with families was a natural fit. Her colleagues describe her as thorough and thoughtful with an innate sense of beauty, making her the perfect person to enhance our brand for any type of promotion!

Lysanne Pilote

New Parent Support Worker

A true Jill-of-all-trades, you’ll no doubt have seen Lysanne out and about in the community. She’s been a member of many boards of directors, including Supportons-Lait (where she was a breastfeeding support counsellor and activities leader), early childhood centres, the Maison de la Famille, Carleton-sur-Mer’s soccer and cheerleading clubs and the Bourg school council, to name a few.

Professionally, she has worked as a prenatal class leader for the CISSS Gaspésie/Les Îles and doula. What makes her unique? Her phenomenal memory for details, her drive and her sense of humour!

Marie-Christine Leblanc


Besides a short stint as a freelance support worker, Marie-Christine has worked in the community sector for pretty much all of her career.

Her professional experience, time spent on the board of directors and as a support worker for the Maison de la Famille, enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the issues facing the community sector, but also the sea of possibilities in front of us.

Described by her colleagues as an enthusiastic, open-minded and efficient leader, Marie-Christine encourages others and the organization to always strive to be the best version of themselves. A practical woman who puts people first, it’s not unusual to see Marie-Christine swapping hats and helping lead activities when needed.


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