Mom of two, marine biologist and entrepreneur, Élisabeth has been a member of the Maison de la Famille Board of Directors since 2017. The other board members describe her as a quiet force of nature, someone who is very rational, tactful and diplomatic. Élisabeth is low-key, efficient and very responsible.

“I like being able to put my skills to the test in an area I’m less used to, getting out of my comfort zone and seeing myself grow as a result.”

“I was drawn to the organization’s mission. I used the Maison de la Famille’s services regularly when I first moved to Carleton and had my little girls. I want others to be able to take advantage of them, too.”

“And I love the dynamic of the board, talking with the other members and the coordinator, helping the organization to continue its mission through everyone’s contributions. And it’s just really fun!” — Élisabeth

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